About us

Kitesurfing is everything for us. This is what our lives are about and we want to share this with everyone. 

It is very important that before we buy the equipment we know what level we are at, what we want to achieve in this sport and based on this we can choose the one that best suits the rider. We are very happy to help you choose the right equipment with over 15 years of experience. 

That’s why we market the top three brands, covering every need, every style and level of knowledge. You can find it with us Ozone Kite, a Mystic Boarding and the North Kiteboarding products. 

A Mystic Boarding it is a highly market leader in kitesurfing in the world. It owns more than 50% of the market. They have the basic category, which still means unique quality, but at an affordable price. THE Mystic Boarding it is also the first in improvements, in the use of excellent materials and in comfort. We can only recommend them. 

The Ozone Kite Catalyst, developed for beginners and advanced, offers extremely high quality at an affordable price. In addition, there are Enduro, Edge, Reo, and many kites to meet the needs of more experienced kitesurfers. 

North Kiteboarding it is ranked among the best brands in the world. They shouldn’t be disappointed with their equipment, they’re just throwing the best products on the market. An experience to go with North stuff. 

If I can help you with anything I look forward to your questions, email or Whats App is always available or you will find it on one of the waterfront !. 

Harmati Dani 

Whats App: +36306833972

Email: daniel@true-surfers.com